The Ana Lobé Ballet Academy training is based on the Cuban Syllabus, as well as adding the best methods of the American and English schools.  During Ana Lobé’s training and successful professional career, she has been working with amazing artists in the ballet world including Alicia Alonso, Loipa Araujo, Laura Alonso, Alicia Markova, Ivan Nagy, Luc de Lairesse, Dennis Nahat, and the late Fernando Bujones among others.

The Cuban Syllabus was originally created and even today is continuously being updated by Ramona de Saa (Ms. Lobé’s teacher in her 6th year at the National School of Ballet in Havana, Cuba) and until recently the late Fernando Alonso. The National School of Ballet in Havana, Cuba was meticulous in sculpting the student’s bodies correctly from a very early age.  This remains an important reason why these Cuban trained dancers avoid injuries later in life.  The Cuban school is internationally recognized for a very strong technique.  The Cuban male dancers are excellent partners.  Students from the Cuban Ballet School have impeccable musicality and the ability to transfer any audience to the most remote period of time with their amazing acting abilities.

Great examples of dancers taught with this Cuban Syllabus are numerous--Principal dancers that are positioned in all major companies in the United States and around the world.  Big ballet stars of today like Carlos Acosta, Jose Manuel Carreño, Rolando Sarabia, to mention a few.  In the 1990's, Ms. Lobé was able to live her dream as a dancer thanks to the Cuban training she received from her teachers.

The Ana Lobé Ballet Academy (“ALBA”) is very fortunate to have its founder, Ms. Lobé, teaching and passing on all her ballet knowledge to the ALBA  students.  The ALBA students focus, learn, and have a great time every day in an environment that feels like family. The program ALBA offers pays special attention to the prevention of injuries. It is Ms. Lobé’s philosophy that you do not need to have exceptional natural abilities to become a dancer.  It is the correct training, hard work, and commitment that creates good dancers and successful people in life for those that go on to have different careers.  Several of Ms. Lobé’s previous students are making their way in professional ballet companies. 

The environment of learning that ALBA provides is unique and is only possible because of the outstanding faculty of teachers that work with Ms. Lobé.  The faculty members of ALBA have had very successful professional dance careers themselves, and they are outstanding teachers, willing to share their gift to see others’ dreams come true.

Ballet, Partnering, Jazz, Tap, Modern, Musical Theatre, Ballroom Dance, Anatomy for Dancers, Musicality for Dancers, Pilates and GYROTONIC® will expand the horizon of any student attending the Ana Lobé Ballet Academy. Ms. Lobé is concerned with the personal development of each student and the broader spectrum of movement and its healing faculties and wishes her school to prepare the students for more than just ballet.