Open Classes

Designed for the student who may wish to improve their ballet technique while still attending their regular dance school.

Children’s Program

AGE: 2-3

Creative Movement/Storybook Ballet 30 minutes class

This is the perfect class for your little princess or prince. This class is designed as an introduction to dance and will explore movement through music and stories, stimulate students' imagination and promote creativity. It will also give them an understanding of the classroom community, improve social skills and develop fine motor skills all while having fun.

Children’s Program

AGE: 4-5

Ballet/Tap 40 minutes class

Dancers will enjoy this interactive class that includes an introduction to proper warm-ups and stretches for the body, basic ballet barre, vocabulary and technique. The Tap portion of the class will concentrate on building balance and musicality through the use of rhythm exercises and tap movement and vocabulary. Across-the-floor progressions and mini combinations help students to learn movement retention, and confidence in performance.

Beginner Ballet

Age: 5-7

At this level, the student will truly begin their work at the barre and at center.  The structure of the class will provide a fun body conditioning and explanation of how to work muscles properly to avoid future injuries.

Advanced Beginner

AGE: 8-10 

At this level there is a continuation of the work at the barre and center, introduction to the classical repertoire and body conditioning. Students are introduced to classes of Character, Jazz and Contemporary.

Intermediate I & II

AGE: 10-14 

At this level there is more acceleration in the syllabus. Intermediate I is for Pre-Pointe work and Intermediate II is for those students that are on pointe in addition to Classical Repertoire, Jazz, Contemporary, Yoga, Character and Body Conditioning.  


AGE: 14+ 

The training at this level is accelerated and the students will be able to take a full class on pointe, and the repertoire is combined with dance history.  Partnering classes are introduced and they will continue training in Jazz, Character, Contemporary, Yoga as well as Body Conditioning. 

Classes For Boys


This class is specific to develop body strength, flexibility, coordination and jumps in any level of training. Depending upon interest, this class time can be costume designed to accommodate individual coaching.

Adult Ballet

Open class to all levels. An intermediate class designed to guide you through the process of learning ballet. Experience classical ballet through physical and mental challenge through gaining strength, flexibility, and posture awareness.

Buy 8 classes for $110. The card will expire after 3 months.  Drop in for a single class for $15. Tuesday mornings 9.30 am - 10.45 pm and Wednesday evenings 6.00 pm -7.15 pm. ($15 registration apply until July, summer classes)

Ballet for Figure Skaters

Figure Ice Skaters will improve: Artistry, Technique, Grace, Arms, Posture, Balance and Extensions. A program created by Ms. Lobé. Private coaching or Group classes.



For more information and guidance, please request below or visit our contact page! 


Please Note:  Age will not determine the level of the student; accomplishment and understanding of the syllabus will promote the student to the next level. For more information regarding our classes and programs, please contact us here!