Dress Code

Creative Dance: Leotard Style- 2200 or 2105 Color- Pink 472. White socks and Pink ballet shoes

Beginner: Leotard Style-2518 Color-Candy Pink 480. White socks and Pink ballet shoes. 

Advanced Beginner: Leotard Style-2518 Color Candy Pink 480

Intermediate: Leotard Style-2518 Color- Sunset Coral 494

Advanced: Leotard Style-2518 Color- Bright Red 475

Tights: Body Wrappers - Style A46, convertible for pointe dancers. Sansha-StyleT90, adult microfiber convertible.
Ballet Shoes: Pink split sole.

Pointe Shoes: Whichever brand name that suits the student.

Boys: Top 7207 Color-White 480
Shorts 7207 Color-Black 497
White socks and black ballet shoes

Open classes: Black Leotard.

Modern-Jazz-Ballroom Dance: any color leotard black tights and appropriate shoes.

Saturday’s any color Leotard.